What We Assess

A Brief Overview

Dr. Kim has expanded upon and updated the 60-year-old Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking to create a modern framework to assess and develop creativity for individuals and organizations. Our three step research-based framework for innovation includes: first, cultivate the Creative Climates; second, nurture the Creative Attitudes; and third, apply Creative Thinking skills to creativity processes to achieve innovation. Our ground-breaking approach is just what you are looking for to achieve your or your organization’s innovation.

Here is a brief overview:

Your Creative Climates

Your environments (home, school, office, or organization) affect your creativity. Your climate plays a vital role in helping you effectively express or diminish your creative output. Dr. Kim has designed a 4S framework to measure climates — SunStormSoil, and Space.


Your Creative Attitudes

How you react to and interact with your environments or climates affects your creativity. Specific attitudes predict and foster innovation more reliably than anything else! These can be measured and improved. Our system uses Dr. Kim’s 4S framework to measure and develop creative attitudesSunStormSoil, and Space.


Your Creative Thinking skills

Your knowledge and thinking process develops creativity into an innovation. These traits make up a thinking process called outbox thinking, a critical part of creativity. But there is something just as important as outbox thinking that separates creative thinking from innovation — know-how or expertise. The thinking skills involved in know-how and expertise are called inbox thinking. It is an often overlooked, but a foundational part of creative thinking. While inbox thinking doesn’t resemble creativity as it’s commonly envisioned, its lack is one of the most common reasons you fail to reach your creative potential. Dr. Kim discovered deep-inbox thinking and newbox thinking, and combined them into the ION Thinking framework which can be measured and improved.


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