Assess Your Creativity (Ages 4–12)

This Assessment includes questions about your “climates.” Your climates have a lot of things, like the people around you, the places where you go, and the things you play with. Click one of the options that best describes your climates.
1) My Climates:

help me be curious and learn new things.
2) let me be silly around people.
3) like my big ideas or dreams.
4) help me try new things.
5) help me dream big.
6) My Climates:

help me set my goals.
7) teach me that failing is better than not trying at all.
8) help me learn from my mistakes.
9) teach me how to make my work better.
10) let me argue my idea.
11) My Climates:

help me learn from a person besides my parents and teachers.
12) help me see the same thing in different ways.
13) help me see new places and things.
14) help me share what I know or do.
15) help me share my family stories.
16) My Climates:

like my own ways of doing things.
17) let me break unfair rules.
18) help other people, animals, or things.
19) allow me to become what I want to become.
20) help me think or play alone.
21) Do followings sound like you?

I get excited about something easily.
22) I am silly around people.
23) I know a person I want to be like some day.
24) I ask so many questions that other people become annoyed.
25) Bad things happen to me more than good things.
26) Nobody can guess what I am about to say or do.
27) I do things on my own.
28) I try dangerous things.
29) I get smaller gifts now than waiting to get bigger gifts later.
30) When I fail, I try harder the next time.
31) I spend more time playing than working.
32) I like going to new places without knowing what might happen.
33) I know what I am good at.
34) I give up easily.
35) I try to understand people who are different from me.
36) I think people are good in some ways and bad in some ways.
37) My family does things very differently than my friends’ families.
38) I do not like asking for help.
39) I get upset when I hear how to do better than I did.
40) I imagine things.
41) I show how I feel.
42) I think boys should act like boys and girls should act like girls.
43) I like doing what I want better than being liked by everyone.
44) It is hard for me to feel how people in a book or movie feel.
45) In bed, I think about the day.
46) I like following rules.
47) I like agreeing with others.
48) Please select one of the following answers that describes you the best.

Please type a word that fits all of the three blanks.
Example:   1) lunch ____       2) ____ it up!      3) crayon ____
Correct answer = box: 1) lunch box       2) box it up!      3) crayon box

What is a word for 1) candy ___        2) monkey___        3) ___ stool ?


What is a word for 1) movie ___        2) the North___        3) ___ wars ?


What is a word for 1) poo poo ___        2) ___  home!      3) ___ of the line ?


What is a word for 1) my face turns ___        2) ___  cross      3) ___ fox ?


What is a word for 1) turn ___!        2) ___ now!        3) ___ answer ?

Please find a major shape of the above image and find a similar shape from the followings:

Please find a common shape of the above images and find a similar shape from the followings:
56) Gender: I am a _____.
57) Age: I am _____ years old.
58) Handed: I am _____ handed.
59) Ethnicity: I am _______.